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We established E Villanueva Construction in 2013 and have a lot more than just our ten years of collective experience to offer. We know people deserve a perfect handyman service, and the dedication and hard work we’ve put in through the years will provide that exactly! If you live in and around the Salem, MA area and need reliable workers to call whenever you have an issue with something and need exceptional assistance – you have us right here to help at any time!

Handyman Service

Handyman Service

You Need It – We’ll Do It

Residential and commercial customers can benefit from working with an impeccable handyman from our company. Doing something the right way depends on the plan created before the job begins. That’s why we have but a single requirement to ask of our customers. We want them to relay every detail of what they need. That way, we can be ready with an approach before we even get to your property. That’s the kind of preparedness people appreciate!

We’ll Earn Your Respect

Earning someone’s respect and trust is not an easy thing to do – it’s something that takes time and requires effort. We will put in that effort, give you a free estimate and do everything we can to prove that we’re the perfect people for the job. Request a handyman service from us and expect to work with contractors who will give warranties and provide special equipment for different jobs. Work with contractors who will work to earn your trust every step of the way!

Call E Villanueva Construction at (781) 363-2486 and request to work with an impeccable handyman for different projects around your property! If you live in and around the Salem, MA area and need to feel that freedom of enjoying your time with a hobby or not having to worry about a single thing around the property – you need to have us bring you that comfort. We can do it, too, because we have plenty of experience and skills in handling different aspects of a property. Give us a try!


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